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NASA’s LADEE Spacecraft Confirms Neon on Moon Surface For Sure

A speculation for decades that the moon’s thin atmosphere contains neon, which is known for use in electric signs on Earth with its typical characteristsics of intense glow has come true finally with NASA’s Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer (LADEE) spacecraft confirming the existence of the gas for the first time. The speculation has been there since the Apollo ...

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Dawn Closing on Asteroid Ceres Sends Images to Help Study Universe Origin

As Dawn delves into the unknown orbit of Ceres next month, some photos of Ceres with a resolution of 8.5 miles per pixel have revealed the white spots clearly, heightening the mystery surrounding the largest asteroid in the solar family. Part of NASA’s Discovery Program, Dawn has orbited one member of the main asteroid belt, Vesta last year and is now heading ...

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