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Indrani or Kattappa: How They Baffle us?

When it comes to Indian bright minds, compassion and comparison have no bounds and the last one was from the historic film “Baahubali” when Kattappa killed his own master and the latest is why did Indrani kill her own daughter? While SS Rajamouli is secretly filming the residue of his next part of “Baahubali”, that is to showcase “Why Kattappa, ...

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Unaware of Camera, Indrani Blames Sanjeev, Driver in Lock-up

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Mumbai Police adopted a master-plan on Tuesday to extract more details about the Sheena Bora murder case as the accused were put in a room and without their knowledge, they were monitored by the cops via a CCTV camera. The whole planning was done by Mumbai Police Commissioner Rakesh Maria and Joint CP (law and order) Deven Bharti as Indrani refused ...

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Live Update: Indrani’s Ex-husband Sanjeev Khanna Confesses to Role in Sheena Bora Murder

Rakesh Maria, Mumbai Police Commissioner on late Friday evening said that the third accused Indrani Mukherjea’s ex-husband Sanjeev Khanna has confessed to his complicity in the crime. Rakesh Maria, who spoke to media after Sheena’s mother Indrani Mukherjea and the key accused, her driver Shyam Rai, who has confessed to their involvement in the murder. Indrani’s ex-husband Sanjeev Khanna and ...

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I could Have Been Next Target for killing: Indrani Mukerjea’s Son

While many believe that Mikhail Bora, son of Sheena murder suspect Indrani Mukerjea has told media in some of his rare revelations that he could have been the target of Indrani’s next move to eliminate her own children to remain a Mumbai socialite. While Peter Mukerjea refused on News Now that there is any property issue behind Sheena’s murder by ...

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Sheena Bora Murder Case: Timeline, Unknown Facts and Intriguing Unanswered Questions

The Sheena Bora murder is getting more mysterious. Celebrity cases are not uncommon for Mumbai. Love, lust, booze, money, affairs, sex, and drugs are the ingredients of the entertainment capital of India that revolves around Bollywood and brand makers. Also read: Sanjeev Khanna Confesses The Sheena murder is case is no less than a bollywood blockbuster, as it involves high-profile ...

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