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How more than 1600 space applications revolutionised our lives?

From home-based BP machines to camera pixels to hi-fi MRI and CAT scans, more than 1,600 applications originally developed for space applications have made their way into our daily lives revolutionising our life-style, said ISRO chief A.S. Kiran Kumar. He said most of these innovations do not come from a single new technology but come from an existing technology that ...

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Prostate Cancer: New Non-Invasive Technique Helps to Pin-point Smaller Tumours Too

A new non-invasive imaging technique to detect the severity of prostate tumour was found by scientists to help doctors in zeroing in on suitable and appropriate treatment. The new approach, called restriction spectrum imaging-MRI or RSI-MRI, incorporates the features of an imaging technique called diffusion MRI that measures the diffusion of water and has been a standard imaging technique in the brain. ...

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Novel Imaging Technique to Improve Prostate Biopsy Detection

The severity of prostate cancer, which was the leading cause of newly diagnosed cancers in men and the second leading cause of cancer death in men last year, can be detected with a non-invasive imaging that would help doctors in the precise and effective determination of appropriate treatment. The current standard of care for detecting and diagnosing prostate cancer is ...

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