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IBM Uncovers Stunning Bank Transfer Malware ‘Dyre Wolf’ Taking out Money from Accounts

IBM has found a rather sophisticated fraud scheme that uses a combination of phishing, malware and even phone calls to transfer money from gullible Internet Banking users, siphoning off about $1 million so far from large and medium-sized American companies companies. IBM security researchers found the scheme the named “The Dyre Wolf,” is too small to detect by huge companies ...

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How to Send Money to Friends via Facebook Messenger?

With FaceBook launching its new Messenger app that lets you send money to your friends, the net world is entering the new era of wireless cash transfer of money, the latest fad in online living. Facebook’s money transfer feature, released on March 17, is equipped with security features to make it safe to send money online and it is open ...

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Money transfer via Google Glass soon!

With Google Glass eyewear, soon send money to your friends and relatives in a jiffy. You just need a few gestures and a voice command. According to the TechCrunch website, Google is planning to debut Google Wallet on Google Glass. If this is true, as reports say internal testings are one, you can make mobile payments from within the Wallet ...

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