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Scientists Alter Genes to Create ‘Super Mice’, Less Scared of Cat

A new study by British and Canadian scientists has shown that it is, indeed, possible as they created a “super clever mice” that is less scared of a cat, less ...

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New Study Shows Potential Alzheimer’s Treatment Using Insulin

Dementia or a condition where the patient suffers corrosion of memory, thought process, conduct, and the capability to carry out daily chores, as explained by the World Health Organization (WHO), ...

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Daily Aspirin Mantra Acts on Breast Cancer too, Says Study

Aspirin has long been seen as an anti-coagulent and heart-friendly medicine but now studies show that a daily dose of aspirin may curb the growth of breast cancer or tumour. ...

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SpaceX sends 6th cargo mission to ISS, but fails rocket recovery test again

US spaceflight company SpaceX has launched its sixth cargo mission to the International Space Station (ISS), but failed in its second attempt to recover part of the Falcon 9 rocket ...

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Brain Chemical Serotonin Neurons Help Humans to Be More Patient

A recent study of researchers shows that the brain chemical, serotonin, that is widely targeted to treat depression also helps humans have patience in life. Serotonin is a neuromodulatory chemical that is targeted ...

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Modified Parasite Killer Drug Helps to Treat Diabetes 2 Permanently: Study

A drug used for eliminating intestinal parasites, if modified, could treat the root cause of type 2 diabetes and not just its symptoms as the current medicines are, discovered scientists. ...

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