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Curiosity Finds Lake Rock Layers; What Happened on Mars to Turn So Dry Now?

NASA’s Curiosity rover exploring Mars surface has uncovered in detail about an ancient lake environment on Mars that offered favorable conditions for microbial life or alien life as it is being regarded now. The lake in Mars’ Gale Crater was seen stratified, with oxidant-rich shallows and oxidant-poor depths and it offered offered multiple types of microbe-friendly environments, said NASA. Previous ...

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Curiosity Now Finds Large Lake Bed on Mars, What it Means?

NASA’s Rover Curiosity discovery of Mars’ Mount Sharp with sediments deposited in a large lake bed over tens of millions of years, provides new evidence of the existence of a huge lake, once brimming with water and may be life, in the Gale Crater at Mount Sharp, said researchers. The discovery, led by a team that has Indian-American Ashwin Vasavada ...

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