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Micromax Overtakes Samsung in India Mobile Phone Market: Canalys

Micromax has knocked out Samsung to become No.1 smartphone seller in India, which is the third largest market in the world, said Canalys, an independent analyst company. While the figures are still unofficial, Micromax is known for holding the second position in market share in India and its upward movement was expected in view of its launch of Yu Yoko ...

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NASA’s Messenger Spacecraft reveals flood volcanism similar to Earth on Mercury

NASA’s Messenger spacecraft, which has orbited Mercury,  sent some new photos and information about the planet Mercury. The data shows widespread flood volcanism similar to Earth, clearer views of Mercury’s surface, the first measurements of its elemental composition, and details about charged particles near the planet. MESSENGER, or the MErcury Surface, Space ENvironment, GEochemistry, and Ranging spacecraft, conducted 15 laps ...

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