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Stanford University Scores Over Super-Fast Computers Working on Light, not Electricity

Light can replace electricity to transmit more data consuming less power and replacing wires, say Stanford University researchers. Developed by Stanford electrical engineer Jelena Vuckovic tried to miniaturize the proven technology of the Internet, which moves data by beaming photons of light through fiber optic threads. In a Nature Photonics article whose lead author is Stanford graduate student Alexander Piggott, ...

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‘Invisibility Cloak’ shown in film ‘Mr India’ comes true

Remember the film ‘Mr India’ in which the hero (Anil Kapoor) wears a wrist watch or clock to get invisible? It has come true in less than two decades. BAE Systems said it has successfully tested an ‘invisibility cloak’ that allows a vehicle to camouflage into its surroundings. The system, which can work over infra-red and other frequencies, will be ...

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