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Higher IQ in Children Causes Bipolar Disorder: New Study

All parents want their little ones to be super-brainy, cracking the crosswords like no one could and finding solutions of problems that no one can think of, in short being smart and intelligent. However, every good thing comes with a flaw, and having higher IQ also has one major one. A new study by British and American scientists have shown ...

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India Tops FaceBook List of ‘Content Restriction’ Requests in 2014 First Half, Turkey, Pakistan Next

India still tops with over 4,960 requests for “Content Restriction” in the first half o f 2014, said Facebook in its report, while Turkey with its sensitive Ottoman Empire culture comes second, followedby neighbour Pakistan. Facebook had restricted content as per the requests made by the government officials and India’s Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT), mostly related to criticism of ...

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