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Scientists reveal why Parrots are such great vocal imitators

Do you have a parrot that speaks in an exact tone like you and repeats every word perfectly after you? It is insane in fact, but while you must be wondering how they are able to do that, a group of international scientists led by researchers from Duke University has got the answer. A study reported in June 24 by ...

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What’s in Parrot’s Tiny Brain That Makes Them Imitate Human Speech?

Parrots, which are close to humans in learning vocals and imitate sounds than any other species, a new study has found that parrot’s tiny brain is structured differently than the brains of songbirds and hummingbirds, which also exhibit vocal learning. Mukta Chakraborty, a postdoc in the Jarvis lab, led a project that used the activity of some of the specialized ...

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