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Finding Alien Life Possible by 2045, if not by 2025, Says Cautious NASA

Every time the alien life or extraterrestridal life question crops up, NASA changes stand and keeps cautious without revealing the real data. Reversing the enthusiasm among the UFO and alien enthusiasts, NASA says its scientists are now convinced that extraterrestrial life will certainly be found conclusively by 2045. The new time-frame has dampened the spirits of finding alien life by 2025 as revealed ...

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NASA Shocker: ‘Be Ready to See Aliens’ by 2025

In a shocking news to the world and for the first time opening up itself on alien life or UFO or extra-terrestrials, US space agency NASA said the humans are likely to witness the first signs of alien life in the next 10 years. It was revealed in a panel discussion on the space agency’s search for habitable worlds and ...

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