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Why do People Get High Blood Pressure? Russians Reveal Culprit Behind it!

The culprit behind high pressure is now identified by Russian researchers as the result of decrease in the prefrontal cortex and increase in the hypothalamus areas of the brain, said ...

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Four-in-One Quadpill Found, Termed Magic Pill to Treat BP

British researchers have combined four blood pressure drugs into one pill and the small pilot clinical trial showed normalcy restored in patients within one month, making it a magic pill ...

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Yogurt May Protect Women from High BP, But Not Men: Study

Researchers said women who ate yogurt five times in a week had lower risk of developing high blood pressure, while men did not appear to have the same benefit, after ...

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India Health Sees Longevity But Poor in HealthCare: Global Study

Besides BP and diabetes, air pollution and water pollution were major triggers to deaths in India, said a global study for 2013 conducted by Delhi-based Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI) ...

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