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Google Takes Aim at Neural Language Machine, Includes 9 Indian Languages

Google Translate has changed the work atmosphere of most of the translation service provders in the last one decade but what Google, for that matter, others too have failed was to provide a comprehensive sentence-wise and intelligent conversion of phrases and local sayings into equally sounding sentences in other languages. Last year Google introduced its neural machine translation to improve ...

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Google Chrome Crashes if You Enter ‘http://a/%%30%30’ in Browser, Why?

Google Chrome, supposedly a robust Internet browser from Google, is prone to crash whenever a 16-character string ‘http://a/%%30%30’ is entered, said Reddit. The popular online bulletin board is beset with discussion on the possibel reason for the crash and it is pointed out that the crash occurs in google chrome’s latest version and also in Opera browser on Windoes operationg ...

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Google Plans Update with Microsoft Invention ‘Pointer Events’ to Enhance Scrolling Experience

Google will take a few lessons from Microsoft Explorer’s user’s scrolling experience and apply them on its Chrome browser to support Pointer Events. Pointer Events was a standard made and introduced by Microsoft in its Internet Explorer that might help Google Chrome to enhance the capability of the general touch support for Chrome browser on a Windows tablet, especially in ...

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