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Anti-Aging Drug? Russian Scientists Triumph Where Millions Failed

A group of Russian scientists have finally achieved triumph and success in discovering the magic compound that can work on mitochondria and slowdown the process of ageing of organism. The world’s most-awaited anti-ageing research findings were published in a breakthrough paper in the US journal Aging and the study was made by Lomonosov Moscow State University by a well-known Russian ...

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Heard of Mental Time Travel? Yes, Only Humans Can Do!

There is one more reason to make merry this Christmas season, that is only we, humans, can recall personal experiences and also travel into the future with the power of our mind. The model developed by three scientists Prof. Markus Werning, Prof. Sen Cheng from the German Ruhr University Bochum and Prof. Thomas Suddendorf (University of Queensland) presents forcibly that ...

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