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Kutch and Wales Dinosaur Fossils from Jurassic Period Drive Geologists High

Indo-German joint research team has discovered a rare fossil of the limb of a dinosaur at Kas Hill in Lodai area of Kutch in Gujarat, joining Balasinor, the only other ...

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Giant ‘sea scorpion’ fossil discovered Undersea in Iowa

The fossil of a previously unknown species of ‘sea scorpion’, measuring over 1.5 meters long, has been discovered in Iowa, USA. Dating back 460 million years, it is the oldest ...

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2 Billion Years But this Organism Hasn’t Evolved! Was Darwin Right?

Scientists have discovered the greatest absence of evolution — a deep-sea microorganism that appears not to have evolved in 2 billion years, supporting evolution theory of Charles Darwin. The scientists ...

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Fossil of long-necked dinosaur of late Jurassic period discovered in China

University of Alberta paleontologists have discovered a new species of a long-necked dinosaur from a a fossil skeleton found in China, measuring about 15 metres in length and lived about ...

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