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Mosquitoes visualize target to bite from your breath: Study

The mosquito has a unique method to find its prey and pierce down the human skin for blood. It employs a combination of olfactory, visual, and thermal cues to find ...

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NASA’s Spitzer Telescope Finds Distant Planet, Using Microlensing Technique

NASA’s spitzer telescope has found a gas planet as far away as 13,000 light years away, the distant celestial body known in the category, called ‘Ogle-2014-BLG-0124Lb’. The gas giant planet is ...

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Germans Develop New Laser-Guided Hunt for Earth-Like Planets

German researchers have developed a new laser technique that will allow find Earth-like planets in distant space with unprecedented accuracy and ease. KInown as laser frequency comb (LFC), the new technology ...

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Aspirin could tackle dementia but trial results confirm it in 2018

Australian Monash University, known for its pioneering work on aspirin and its therapeutic applications, has been commissioned by the US National Institutes of Health to probe aspirin’s anti-dementia powers. Dementia ...

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