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Our ancestors used hands much earlier than thought: study

New research suggests that our ancestors used human-like hand postures much earlier than was previously thought, based on new bone structure found. Anthropologists have produced first results to support archaeological evidence for stone tool use among australopiths – one of the longest-lived and best-known early human species – two-three million years ago. To reach this conclusion, Matthew Skinner and Tracy ...

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How Humans Evolved Stronger Than Other Species? It’s in Gut Bacteria, says study

How human species thrived and evolved stronger than other species to be what they are now? A new study has found that microbes residing within the guts of our ancestors helped the species evolve into more stable and resilient populations. The human race ancestors were robust enough to handle environmental changes and the natural disasters they encountered, noted the study. To ...

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The Role of Thread-Like Filaments in Evolution of Galaxy

An international team of researchers discovered that thread-like "filaments" in the cosmic web play an important role in the evolution of galaxies like our Milky Way. The cosmic web is a large-scale web-like structure comprising galaxies and the filaments are like bridges connecting the denser regions in the cosmic web. "We think the cosmic web, dominated by dark matter, formed ...

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