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Brain Volume Indicates Possible Weight Loss in Older Poeple: Study

If you’re trying to lose weight, what are your chances of success? Your brain may hold the key. Scientists at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center believe they may have found a way to predict who will be successful in their weight-loss efforts with a quick, non-invasive brain scan. In findings from a small study published in the current online issue ...

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Abusing Elders Common Worldwide, but Lowest in India: Report

Compared to a very high incidence of abuse faced by the world community-dwelling older adults, India accounts lowest with 14 percent of abuse compared to china’s 36 percent in Asia, said a new study, on the occasion the of the World Elder Abuse Awareness Day on June 15. A new global review reveals that elder abuse–which includes psychological, physical, and ...

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Mild Drinking Sharpens Episodic Memory in Elderly People: Study

Those aged 60 and above and not suffering from dementia can afford to consume a drink or two that could sharpen their  memory, going by new research. Light alcohol consumption during late in life is associated with higher episodic memory or the ability to recall memories of events as it is linked with a larger volume in the hippocampus, a ...

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