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4 Eggs Per Week Good But More Harmful: New study

Egg farms will be cheerful to the latest news that at least 4 eggs a week in your diet would reduce the risk of diabetes, contrary to long-held belief that the cholesterol-rich egg is an anamoly to healthy life. Researchers from the University of Eastern Finland were equally surprised when their finding showed that eggs could reduce the risk developing ...

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Easter Breakfast: Time for some divine egg delicacies?

Easter’s here and it’s time for a sumptous breakfast of delectable appam, chicken stew as well as scrumptious duck and egg roast. Then there is steamed banana, a generous piece of luscious cake followed by piping hot coffee. If there’s one thing that has not changed over time, it is the Easter delicacies. During traditional Lent – for some churches it’s ...

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One egg daily keeps sugar level low for diabetics, How ?

Reversing long-held belief that egg consumption is not good due to its fat and high cholesterol content, new research shows that egg consumption could reduce the risk of Type-2 diabetes mainly due to its glucose metabolism and low grade inflammation. The study, published in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, found that men who ate approximately four eggs per week had ...

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