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Einstein Relativity Tehory Comes Handy to Find Dwarf Star’s Mass

Looks can be deceiving. In this Hubble Space Telescope image, the white dwarf star Stein 2051B and the smaller star below it appear to be close neighbors. The stars, however, reside far away from each other. Stein 2051B is 17 light-years from Earth; the other star is about 5,000 light-years away. Stein 2051B is named for its discoverer, Dutch Roman Catholic priest and astronomer Johan Stein.CREDIT: NASA, ESA, and K. Sahu (STScI)

  Astronomers have used the sharp vision of NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope to repeat a century-old test of Einstein’s general theory of relativity. The Hubble team measured the mass of ...

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Scientists Find Moon Orbiting 3rd Dwarf Planet in Kuiper Belt

Using NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope astronomers found a moon orbiting the third largest dwarf planet, 2007 OR10. The pair resides in the frigid outskirts of our solar system the Kuiper ...

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NASA Extends New Horizons Lifespan Beyond Pluto To ‘2014 MU69’


NASA’s New Horizons Pluto probe, was the first-ever flyby in July 2015, has got another lease of life to probe beyond Pluto by one more billion miles until 2019 when ...

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Life’s Possible in 3 New Exoplanets: MIT Team

Three planets orbiting an ultracool dwarf star 40 light years away from Earth could become the next space colony targets with size and temperature comparable to those of Earth and ...

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NASA New Horizons probe detects ‘polar cap’ on distant dwarf planet Pluto

NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft took images of bright and dark regions on Pluto’s surface during its close flyby in mid-July this year revealing broad surface markings including a bright area ...

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Dawn Spacecraft achieves Rendezvous with Ceres, Orbiting Dark Side of Dwarf Planet Now

After six months of curiosity among the space scientists, NASA mission Dawn has entered the orbit of the dwarf planet Ceres successfully on Friday night and the first signal confirming ...

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Dawn Inching Closer to Ceres Orbit, 2 Days Short of Rendezvous

NASA’s spacecraft Dawn is approaching its target Ceres dwarf planet as planned for a historic rendezvous set for Friday, March 6, 2015. As the spacecraft is inching closer to the ...

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Dawn Captures Stunning Images of Ceres, Showing Larger Craters, White-Bright Spots

As NASA’s Dawn spacecraft is inching towards the orbit of Ceres, the dwarf planet, it is beginning to capture clearer images of craters and mysterious bright spots on the surface. ...

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Dawn Gets Closer to Dwarf Planet Ceres, Gets Better Snapshots

NASA’s Dawn spacecraft, moving closer to Ceres, the dwarf planet, has snapped better and close pictures of this mysterious world. At a resolution of 8.5 miles (14 kilometers) per pixel, the ...

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NASA’s Dawn spacecraft captures photo of Ceres dwarf planet

NASA’s Dawn spacecraft has been moving closer to Ceres, the dwarf planet in the main asteroid belt which lies between Mars and Jupiter and is scheduled to enter its orbit ...

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NASA’s Dawn Clicks Stunning Images of Ceres, Three Times Better than Previous Images

NASA’s Dawn spacecraft has captured three times better images of the dwarf planet Ceres than it delivered in early December. Ceres is the main asteroid belt which lies in between ...

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NASA’s New Horizon Spacecraft Begins Pluto Encounter

The first mission to Pluto, NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft, has begun its six-month encounter with Pluto on Thursday, with the first close-up flyby of the dwarf planet scheduled for July ...

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