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Human Race on Brink of Extinction? Yes, Says New Study

If the rate at which deforestation is happening doesn’t stop, then mankind too will become defunct, warns a new environment study on deforestation. Agriculture, commercial business, setting up of factories or towering buildings – all such activities have contributed immensely to deforestation that we humans would be the targets of destruction too in the future, says the study . A research team ...

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Doomsday Prophecy? Yes, say Experts as Massive Asteroid 1950 DA May Hit Earth on March 16, 2880

What happens if Asteroid 1950 DA, speeding at 9 miles per second hits Earth wiping out the entire life on it? Researchers are seriously studying the possible collision, with a chance of one in 300 though the Doomsday prediction is more than 8 centuries away on March 16, 2880. The University of Tennessee scientists say the chances are bleak but ...

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