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Climate change could leave Pacific Northwest amphibians off guard: Study

IMAGE: TO DEVELOP THE MODEL, THE TEAM COLLECTED DATA FOR 121 WETLAND SITES IN OLYMPIC NATIONAL PARK, MOUNT RAINIER NATIONAL PARK AND NORTH CASCADES NATIONAL PARK. (CREDIT: MAUREEN RYAN/UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON) The wildfires raging in Washington’s forests resulting in dry Pacific Northwest lowlands may affect the region’s amphibians like frogs high and dry hopping elsewhere, said a new study. The study forecasts changes ...

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Earth to Experience Darkness for 6 Days Sourced to NASA Turns Hoax

A news item on satirical website that read “NASA Confirms Earth Will Experience 6 Days of Total Darkness in December” turned into a big hoax, though the story was going viral on social networking websites Twitter and Facebook. The story sourced to fake NASA tweet originated in website Huzlers.com, which was also known for its past hoax stories such as ...

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Mayan Doomsday Prophecy: Time to Consider its Possibility?

By Sridhar Narsing Friday, Dec. 21, 2012 is the day that ends an era according to the Mayan calendar, which is dubiously silent about what happens next. No wonder, it has spiralled into a bigger controversy owing not to mere Doomsday prophecy enthusiasts but also a desperate world that has proved difficult for many people to live peacefully. NASA has ...

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