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Japanese Scientists Prove Single Gene Mutation Causes Infertility

Japanese scientists have discovered that a single mutation in a gene could lead to infertility in humans and not through a disruption of the production of egg or sperm cells but rather by leading to abnormalities in the morphology of the sexual organs – making natural reproduction impossible. The beta-catenin gene codes a protein known to be deeply involved in ...

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New experimental drug proves promising to treat NASH liver disease

An experimental drug aimed at treating a common liver disease showed promising results at a clinical trial in the US on patients with non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH). Those with NASH treated with obeticholic acid (OCA) had improved liver health during the clinicial trial period, including decreased inflammation and fat in the liver and decreased body weight versus people receiving a placebo, ...

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3300-year-old Egyptian Tomb with Vaulted Chambers Reveals Ancient Elite Burial Rites

Archaeologists team from the University of Pennsylvania led by Kevin Cahail have recently unearted a 3,300-year-old Egyptian tomb at an ancient cemetery in Abydos, one of the oldest cities of ancient Egypt located about 11 km (7 miles) west of the Nile. The unique feature of the exhaustive tomb with vaulted chambers housed several sarcophaguses and contained artifacts believed to ...

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