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How New Miss Universe 2014 Crown Looks Like? Weight, Value, Colors, Other Details

As the 88 contestants from around the world display their talent and beauty, one will emerge as the successful Miss Universe at the pageant to win the crown sponsored by ...

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Rare Rock with 30,000 Diamonds Found in Russian Mine

A rock with as many as 30,000 diamonds was found in Russia’s Udachnaya diamond mine in northern Siberia, is now being studied by a professor from the University of Tennessee ...

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Impacts of Asteroids on Earth Made Bizarre Diamonds, Say Scientists

A team of scientists largely from Arizona State University (ASU) show that what has been called lonsdaleite is in fact a structurally disordered form of ordinary diamond. Scientists have long ...

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Unknown Ways of How Diamonds Form Come to Light

New findings have revealed long unknown details about how carbon deep beneath the Earth’s surface is helping diamond formation in the Earth’s mantle. The new theoretical model called the "Deep ...

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Carbon Sheds New Light on Origin of Life

New findings may lead to key to the origin of life as it revealed long unknown details about carbon, deep beneath the Earth’s surface by suggesting ways that the carbon ...

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Unidentified Devotee offers 162 diamonds worth Rs 1 crore to Balaji, Tirupathi

Tirumala Tirupathi Devastanams (TTD) said a devotee had offered 162 diamonds on Wednesday worth Rs. 10 million. The temple of Balaji at Tirumala in Tirupathi is known for rich offerings ...

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