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Why Dalit Ministers Get Caught in TV Sting Operations?

More than a decade ago, a sting operation by Tehelka led to expose the then BJP president Bangaru Laxman, who was gullible enought to be caught on a video accepting bribe for the party. Moving to present day politics, a similar sting operation by a Kannada TV channel exposed the wife of state welfare minister Anjaneya accepting bribe. While the ...

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Teens getting increasingly sleep deprived: Study

In a worrying trend, teenagers in the US are increasingly getting less number of sleeping hours than they ideally should, finds a new study. The study by researchers at Columbia found that female students, racial/ethnic minorities and students of lower socio-economic status are particularly affected. “Declines in self-reported adolescent sleep across the last 20 years are concerning and suggest that ...

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Less sleep prompts you eat more and gain weight: Study

One nigh of total sleep deprivation is enough for a brain region known as the “salience network” to send signals to us to eat more fat and eventually gain more weight, says new research. “Although this study examined the effects of acute total sleep deprivation, similar changes may occur in response to the chronic partial sleep restriction that is so ...

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