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Breathing Monitor Sewn in Smart ‘T-Shirt’ to Help Asthma, COPD Patients

Researchers have created a ‘smart’ T-shirt without wires or sensors that could effectively monitor breathing rhythm of the wearer in real time. The team from the University of Laval, Canada, ...

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Crops in 189,000 hectares damaged due to rains: Govt

The government on Monday told parliament that crops in 189 lakh hectare have been damaged due to the recent unseasonal rains and hailstorms in the country. Responding to an exhaustive ...

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Global Warming? Nasa Satellite Images, Data Help Scientists Map Melting Layers Deep Beneath Greenland Ice Sheet

NASA’s Operation IceBridge has helped scientists to find new evidence of a drained and refilled sub-glacial lake beneath Greenland’s Flade Ice Cap, a rare sub-ice body of water detected that ...

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ISRO Successfully Test-fires to Wake up Mangalyaan Main Engine to Enter Mars Orbit Now

Keeping their fingers crossed, ISRO scientists in Bangalore test-fired Mangalyaan’s liquid engine hoping the main engine on Monday successfully so the dormant main liquid engine wakes up from its 10-month ...

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