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Ancient Skull with Membrane Intact Found in China

Archaeologists have discovered 100,000 years old human bones in Central China’s Lingjing historical site in Xuchang, with bite marks pointing at prey or other humans attacking him to death, said Li Zhanyang, a researcher at the Henan Provincial Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology. The Lingjing site has thrown up seven fossil remains so far, making it the largest site ...

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Star dust, main clue to formation of life on planets, recreated in lab

Star dust in deeper space may provide clues to our understanding of the life-formation elements on planets, especially by recreating isotopes that result when a star explodes. The dust left behind after explosion can help space scientists and pysicists trace the location where the possibility of life-supporting elements do exist in space, said Indian-origin researcher Zena Patel. “Our study essentially ...

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