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Perfect ‘Einstein Ring’ 10000 Light Years Away Discovered

einstein ring

The phenomena of an Einstein ring that was predicted by Einstein’s theory of General Relativity but remained a mystery has recently been discovered by researchers. An Einstein ring is a distorted image of a very distant galaxy, which is termed “the source” that produces the bending of the light rays due to a massive galaxy, termed “the lens”, lying between ...

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Swine Flu Encircling Delhi? Now Gurgaon Reports 1 Case

In the first case of swine flu this year in Gurgaon, neighbouring Delhi , a 32-year-old woman has been found positive for the disease, confirmed a doctor on Wednesday. Kavita, a housewife and resident of Faridabad, was found positive for swine flu and was admitted to a government-run civil hospital in Gurgaon and her husband, who works with a private ...

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