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‘Potential’ Treatment for Bedwetting: New Study

When you’re a baby wetting bed is a normal phenomenon. Your mommy knows that you’re too tiny to understand that the deed needs to be done in the bathroom. However, as you grow the natural process is you getting used to peeing in the bathroom. And when the process overturns and you’re one of those persons who still wets his/her ...

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Compelling your children to eat might actually harm them: Study

Parents are always worried about the health of their children. They strive to follow as well as make their children follow the best eating habits always. Children, on the other hand tend to skip those “healthy” foods that their parents plan, thereby prompting parents to force their little ones to finish up everything served on the plate. And this in ...

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Spare the drink during your pregnancy to avoid fetal complications

Drinking once in awhile is always fine. However, enjoying that occasional “enjoyment” during pregnancy can put your baby at risk. A new research conducted on 17, 244 pregnant women across the U.K, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand found that drinking in them is ordinary, varying from 20 percent to 80 percent. Photo Credit: Andrew Vargas The research was based upon ...

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