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Kim Kardashian Cancels India Trip Over Visa Issue? Move Disappoints ‘Bigg Boss 8’ Fans

American reality TV star Kim Kardashian has reportedly cancelled after unconfirmed reports of denial of visa but the exact reasons is still not revealed by the trip organisers nor the Bangalore-based PR agency. “Unfortunately, Kim will not be able to enter the country due to some visa issue”, said a source. “The reason is not clear but all we know is ...

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US Researchers Zero in On First Step in Pancreatic Cancer Origin

US researchers say that they have identified the first step in the origin of pancreatic cancer. The scientists have described the molecular steps necessary for acinar cells in the pancreas – the cells that release digestive enzymes – to become precancerous lesions. "Pancreatic cancer develops from these lesions, so if we understand how these lesions come about, we may be ...

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Harsh Vardhan Pitches for Another Ban: E-Cigarettes This Time

Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan has reiterated his demand for a ban on bad things in country, first on Diwali firecrackers that is understandably a good reason though he knows that it is difficult to enforce. Now, the minister has pitched in for ban on e-cigarettes saying a complete ban on them is required as new research found that they ...

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