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Brain goes silent when we talk loud: Reveals study

The command centre of the brain cannot function, especially the human speech part, fails to work when we speak loudly, said a new study. The Broca’s area — named after 19th century French physician Pierre Paul Broca — has been recognised for more than 150 years as the command centre for human speech, including vocalisation. Now, scientists at the University ...

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Simple blood test to predict dementia risk

UK researchers have identified a new biomarker that would test blood to could predict the possibility of developing dementia or memory loss in old age. If it shows a low level of the biomarker apolipoprotein E in our blood, then it increases the risk of developing dementia in the future, the findings of the study involving 76,000 people showed. "The ...

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5 genetic links influence size of brain structures: study

 Scientists have discovered five genetic variants that influence the size of structures in the human brain after analysing genetic data and MRI reports from 30,717 reports. Nearly 300 researchers studied the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans from 30,717 individuals from around the world to evaluate genetic data from seven subcortical brain regions and intracranial volume from the scans, in a ...

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