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Higher IQ in Children Causes Bipolar Disorder: New Study

All parents want their little ones to be super-brainy, cracking the crosswords like no one could and finding solutions of problems that no one can think of, in short being smart and intelligent. However, every good thing comes with a flaw, and having higher IQ also has one major one. A new study by British and American scientists have shown ...

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Function of gene in the first week of birth can reveal schizophrenia

Ever wondered how a particular gene can determine if you’ll grow up to be schizophrenic or not? A new study by scientists from Cardiff University has shown that it is indeed the case. The function of a gene called “Rosetta Stone” or commonly known as schizophrenic gene can reveal the functions of all the other genes associated with the disease. ...

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Gene Behind Mental Illness in Women Identified, Potential for Early Treatment Likely

Mental illness in women is characterized by a specific gene that interacts with the X chromosome, found researchers paving the way for future potential research to treat psychiatric patients, whose number is on the rise owing to new isolated lifestyle. The gene identified as XIST inactivates one of the two X chromosome copies cells meant for storing genetic material, leading ...

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