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Biodiversity below ground is equally important as above ground: Study

  Although most of the world’s biodiversity is below ground, surprisingly little is known about how it affects ecosystems or how it will be affected by climate change. A new study demonstrates that soil bacteria and the richness of animal species belowground play a key role in regulating a whole suite of ecosystem functions on Earth. The authors call for ...

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Telangana takes lessons from Kerala on maintaining bio-diversity

If it was Goa that first decided to replicate the Kerala model of protecting its rich biodiversity, the newly formed state of Telangana is now following suit. Kerala is the only state in the country that has established Biodiversity Management Committees (BMC) at all panchayats as required by the Biological Diversity Act and has set up more than 75 percent ...

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Second ‘Great Wall’ of China Can Cause Ecological Disasters

China’s second great wall, a vast seawall covering more than half of the country’s mainland coastline, may be a foundation for economic growth but it can also result in ecological disasters that can extend beyond China, says a study. One of the study authors Jianguo “Jack” Liu from Michigan State University said, “These coastal areas are a perfect example of ...

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