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Movie Review: ‘I’ – Vikram takes ‘Beauty and The Beast’ to another level, Rating ****

By Subhash K. Jha¬† Film: “I”; Actors: Vikram and Amy Fernandes; Director: Shankar; Rating: **** Let me tell you about an actor called Vikram. In “I”, which is actually the most exceptional film of high maintenance director Shankar’s extravagant oeuvre, this exceptional actor, known to transform into whatever he plays, stands in a room filled with multi-reflective mirrors, looking at ...

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Five ways to reduce acne in summer

New Delhi, March 30 : The onset of summer often means a nightmare for people with oily skin. Choose the right skin care products to protect your face from zits, says an expert. Dermatologist Kiran Lohia, managing director of Lumiere Dermatology, shares a few acne defense tips: * Wash your face only twice a day: When you overwash your face, ...

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