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Dengue Drug: Tweaked Bacterial Drug Could Treat Dengue Fever, Find Australian Scientists

Australian University of Queensland researchers have discovered that mosquito-borne dengue virus has similarities to bacterial infections and have come out with a drug which is set to undergo clinical trials next year. Prof. Paul Young of the School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences in Queensland University said they found similarities in how the body reacted to dengue virus and bacterial ...

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Your Toddler Still Taking Nap? It’s Bad, Says New Study

Unlike the popular belief in letting toddlers sleep for longer hours during the day time, a new research by Australian researches shows that an afternoon nap may actually affect your toddler’s overall sleep quality. Children who have daytime naps after reaching 2 years or more will turn out to be poorer sleepers at night, said Prof. Karen Thorpe from Queensland ...

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