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2 Indian Teenagers Miss NASA 3-D Challenge Award, Ryan Beam’s in-Space Plant Factory Wins

The prestigious NASA’s 3-D Challenger award has gone to Ryan Beam of California, while the most-anticipated hopefuls — Rajan Vivek from Arizona and Prasanna Krishnamoorthy from Delaware — failed to ...

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Spaceflight Elevates Risk of Gut Diseases, Reveals New Study

Flying high is everybody’s dream in life. However, only astronauts live this dream in its ultimate form with the journey never stopping. While spaceflight has its own perks, sometimes it ...

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Astronomers solve ‘Cold Spot’ mystery in sky

Astronomers may have found an explanation for the existence of the “Cold Spot” which may be “the largest individual structure ever identified by humanity”. In 2004, astronomers examining a map ...

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Asteroid Impact: Scientists Call for More Resources, Ask for Greater Prevention

Over 100 scientists, including astronauts, have signed a declaration in which they ask for more resources to prevent asteroid strikes against Earth and raise awareness about the danger such strikes ...

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Big Day for NASA: All Set to Launch Orion Spaceship Today

The most awaited day has approached and now the US space agency is all set for the launch of its ambitious exploration spacecraft Orion from the Space Launch Complex 37 ...

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