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Breathing Monitor Sewn in Smart ‘T-Shirt’ to Help Asthma, COPD Patients

Researchers have created a ‘smart’ T-shirt without wires or sensors that could effectively monitor breathing rhythm of the wearer in real time. The team from the University of Laval, Canada, ...

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Acute asthma stops responding to treatment: Study

According to a new research, patients suffering from acute asthma fail to react to the mainstay treatment of the disease – high doses of corticosteroids, which work perfectly in low ...

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Breakthrough: Asthma Root Cause Found, Cure in 5 Years, says Study

Asthama root cause was found in a protein and its cure was related to a drug developed originally to treat osteoporosis or bone disease, said researchers. With this finding, new ...

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Queensland May Implement Ban on Smoking in Own Balconies

A proposal to ban smoking on balconies in Queensland may soon be supported by the law, which would force the smokers to lock inside their house while using a cigarette. ...

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