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Japan 72 Million Years Old Ancient Mukawaryu Dinosaur’s Complete Skeleton Found

This image shows the fossilized caudal vertebra of Mukawaryu found July 2013 in Mukawa town, Hokkaido, Japan. CREDIT Hobetsu Museum/The Hokkaido University Museu?

IMAGE:┬áTHE BONES OF THE DINOSAUR MUKAWARYU WHICH HAVE BEEN CLEANED SO FAR. THESE LIKELY REPRESENT MORE THAN HALF OF THE BONES THE DINOSAUR HAD. CREDIT: HOBETSU MUSEM/THE HOKKAIDO UNIVERSITY MUSEUM The complete skeleton of an 8-meter-long dinosaur has been unearthed from marine deposits dating back 72 million years at Japan’s northern island of Hokkaido, making it the largest dinosaur skeleton ...

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Decoding Evolution of Large Brains in Primates Helps Study Human Traces

Reconstruction of ancient kiwi-sized primate skulls helped University of Florida researchers to solve an age-old miystery of evolution of large brains in apes into human species. University of Florida paleontologists found clues in lemur-like primate skulls from the tropical forests of Wyoming about 50 million years ago, thought to be a link between primitive and advanced primates. Arianna Harrington, a ...

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Banashankari in Bangalore Home to Man 400000 Years Ago, Claims Retired Archaeologist

The city of Bangalore has a history longer than expected as new stone-age implements discovered by archaeologists show that man wandered in the area 400,000 years ago. Dr K B Shivatarak, retired professor of ancient history and archaeology, Mangalore Universitiy told TOI that he has unearthed the earliest pre-historic evidence in Bangalore that can be traced to stone-age man. “The ...

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Mummification Prevalent in Bronze Age Britain: Study

Based on microscopic bone analysis of British skeletons, researchers said Britons too mummified their dead during the Bronze Age and they practised exotic, novel and bizarre funerary rituals, said archaeologists at the University of Sheffield. Dr Tom Booth analysed skeletons at several Bronze Age burial sites across the UK and a collaborative team from the University of Sheffield found that ...

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Destroying History the ISIS Way?

History cannot be replayed and that’s precisely why it should be preserved. The barbaric destruction of historical monuments by the Islamic State in its captured territories of Syria and Iraq go beyond mere massacre of the innocent. The savage terror group has been bulldozing and dynamiting vital treasures of art and culture nurtured over centuries and gained a pride of ...

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