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Google Search Trends on April Fool’s Day

The Internet is abuzz on April Fools’ day  with the gags and laughs reaching a whole new level, with searches for the best pranks and jokes topped more than 200,000, with Petco’s dog selfie stick and Cottonelle’s toilet paper for the left-handed earning top honors from the media. Even Google’s own “PAC-Maps” got the web chomping—searches for the game soared to ...

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April Fools Day: Pranks, Tricks, Tips to Make it Memorable

Today being April Fools’ Day, it is better to make firends and preferably boy friend or girlfriend a victim or “April fools,” as they remember it for long and so will be your relationship. Here are some tips and tricks to make April First a memorable day for your loved ones: 1. Cream Cheese or Deodorant? For people who use ...

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