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Angry? Fine, anger could be an indicator of good health too

In many societies getting angry is seen as an indication of either hypertension or bad health but researchers have found that anger is actually linked with better, not worse health, in certain cultures. Greater anger is associated with better biological health among Japanese people, the findings showed. “The truism linking anger to ill health may be valid only within the ...

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Why ‘PK’ angers Hindu groups, especially Baba Ramdev ?

It’s ironic but even a “provocative, yet gentle” film like “PK” has irked the Hindutva elements in Agra and Bhopal, while Yoga guru Baba Ramdev is spearheading the movement to get the film axed with his proximity to the new government. “PK”, which has already crossed the Rs.200 crore mark at the domestic box office is facing the ire of ...

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