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Another toast to coffee by researchers; say daily cup cuts Alzheimer’s by 20%

In another toast to coffee consumption amid caffeine-related side effect, researchers in London have found that drinking up to five cups of coffee per day may help curb Alzheimer’s risk by 20 percent. Caffeine in coffee helps prevent the formation of amyloid plaques and neurofibrulary tangles in the brain – two hallmarks of Alzheimer’s, the findings showed. “The findings suggest ...

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Health Byte: Consuming Walnuts Daily Curbs Prostate Cancer Growth

The University of California-Davis researchers say walnuts or its oil could significantly slow down the growth of prostate cancer, not merely because of its omega-3 but due to the fat content. It was already reported in many research findings that consuming walnut oil helps blood vessel functioning with good cholesterol and removing the bad cholesterol from the body and may help ...

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Mild Drinking Sharpens Episodic Memory in Elderly People: Study

Those aged 60 and above and not suffering from dementia can afford to consume a drink or two that could sharpen their  memory, going by new research. Light alcohol consumption during late in life is associated with higher episodic memory or the ability to recall memories of events as it is linked with a larger volume in the hippocampus, a ...

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