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114 Earth-Like Planets Found, Possibly Supporting Life or Aliens

Astronomers from the University of Hertfordshire in England said they were astonished when found 60 new planets orbiting stars near the Earth’s own solar system, while another 54 planets were ...

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Aliens Could be There in Globular Clusters 100-Light Years Away, Say US-India Researchers

Rosanne Di Stefano of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, said in globular clusters 100-light-years away, there could be more advanced and complex aliens as these clusters date back to 10 ...

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Finding Alien Life Possible by 2045, if not by 2025, Says Cautious NASA

Every time the alien life or extraterrestridal life question crops up, NASA changes stand and keeps cautious without revealing the real data. Reversing the enthusiasm among the UFO and alien enthusiasts, NASA ...

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NASA Shocker: ‘Be Ready to See Aliens’ by 2025

In a shocking news to the world and for the first time opening up itself on alien life or UFO or extra-terrestrials, US space agency NASA said the humans are ...

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Mystery Radio Signals from Space Baffle Scientists, Are Aliens Sending Those ?

The only legible argument behind the increasing credence to UFO or the theory of extraterrestrial life over the last decade is a mysteriously recurring radio burst from space that has ...

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NASA hopes to explore possible alien life on Jupiter’s moon Europa

NASA’s next mission to Jupiter’s moon Europa will also look for forms of alien life or at least signs of life on the frozen planet, which has witnessed blasts of water ...

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Life on other planets: Alternative chemistries of life?

Ideas about directing evolution of life forms on Earth and finding life on other planets are rapidly morphing from science-fiction fantasy into mainstream science, says David Lynn, a chemist at ...

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UFO Advocates Cite NASA Video of ‘Tether Incident’, Say Aliens Visible [Watch Video]

UFO enthusiasts and supporters have one more incident to insist that aliens do exist and now armed with NASA video of the so-called “Tether Incident” say the mishap occurred in ...

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