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AirAsia Flight: Bad Weather a Hurdle for Hunt

The hunt for the missing people as well as the black box flight recorders, after the crash of AirAsia flight QZ8501 five days ago, still continue on Friday with the help of more ships and equipments. While more ships are deployed to find the fuselage, the weather remains as a worry. The bad weather has affected the hunt badly during ...

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Widened Effort: Hunt for Missing AirAsia Continues with Dozens of Planes, Ships

The hunt for the missing AirAsia flight still continues in the Java Sea with expanded search operations on Tuesday. More countries have offered planes and ships for the hunt on Monday. Head of the Indonesian National Search and Rescue Agency, Bambang Sulistyo reportedly said that during the third day of the aerial hunt, about 30 ships, 15 fixed-wing aircraft and ...

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Malaysian AirAsia Plane Goes Missing with 162 Aboard a-la MH 370

In a deja-vu within the same year, another Malaysian plane, this time belonging to AirAsia with 162 people aboard has mysteriously disappeared mid-air enroute to Singapore from Indonesia, echoing similar shocking incident when MH370 went missing since March 8. The Malaysian-owned AirAsia aircraft took off at 5.20 a.m. from the Indonesian city Surabaya and was to land at Singapore’s Changi ...

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