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Canadian PM Calls Parliament Attack as Second ‘Terrorist Attack’

After a soldier was killed and the Parliament was attacked on Wednesday, Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper called it as the second terrorist attack that took place in three days. The soldier was shot to death and the gunshots were being fired outside a room where Harper was speaking. As per reports, treasury board minister Tony Clement said, "PM (Harper) ...

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Pentagon Spends $1.1 Billion on US Military Operations against Islamic State Militants

The US Central Command revealed that the Pentagon has spent about $ 1.1 billion on US military operations, since mid-June, against the Islamic States in Syria and Iraq. On Monday, the data released shows that while Navy has dropped almost 185 munitions, including 47 cruise missiles launched from ships in the region, Air Force fighter jets have exceeded those numbers ...

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Jammu & Kashmir Floods Update: Telecom Stuff Airlifted to Restore Phone Lines in Srinagar

The Indian Armed Forces have used their military skill-sets to undertake massive rescue and relief operation in the flood affected area of Jammu and Kashmir deploying first time BSNL loads and other communication equipment from Jammu and Bangalore. 3G towers numbering 90 have started working. 10 VSAT systems are being air lifted to restore critical telecom towers. Sattelite link from ...

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