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Zika virus infection from sex confirmed in Dallas, WHO releases advisory

Following the US National IHR Focal Point’s notification of a probable case of sexual transmission of Zika virus from an individual who is a resident of Dallas, Texas, travelled to Venezuela for one week between late December and the beginning of January, the World Health Organization has released an advice on symptoms and precautions. The Dallas resident developed symptoms of ...

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BITCOIN: 5 Things You Should Know Before Investing in Virtual Currency

Bitcoin, the virtual currency is gaining momentum and giving rise to alternative virtual currency models in the world. The virtual or digital money can be used like traditional money—to purchase goods or services, usually online, or it can be exchanged for other virtual or traditional currencies such as the U.S. dollar. “As with any new product, virtual currencies too have ...

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WhatsApp Active Numbers Jump to 600 million, Thanks to India

The mobile free messaging app WahtsApp, now bought by Facebook for $19 billion, has reached a mind-boggling number of 600,000,000 users who are active and registered. When FaceBook bought the compnay in January, its subscription base was 430 millions, almost double the number six months ago in August 2013. Nevertheless, in April it went up to 500 million active users ...

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