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Teen Smokers Also Struggle With Body Image Related Guilt and Shame

A new research shows, that 25% of teens smokers, down dramatically from 40 percent in 1987. As we all know smoking is injurious to health but for today’s young generation does that really matters? lets find out how teen smokers are having a negative self image. A recent study conducted at Concordia University and published in preventive Medicine Reports, has ...

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Binge Drinking by Teens, Adolescents Leads to Memory Loss: Study

  The adoscent age from 18 to 25 is crucial as brain keeps on maturity path during this phase and indulging in bringe drinking in this age would result changes in the hippocampus are that controls learning and memory, found researchers. In a study conducted by the Duke Medicine, it was found that alcohol consumption can retard the development of ...

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