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Steep Hike in IIT Fee from Rs.90K to 2 lakh, Justified?

The country’s IITs, known for their excellence in providing succour to both rich and the poor students alike with a uniform fee of Rs.90,000 will now be made expensive enough that the poor students will not be in a position to enter these institutes, let alone study there in the future.

The BJP-led government and Smriti Irani-led ministry of Human Resources and Development has eye-washed criticism saying it allowed only doubling of the fee instead of three-times hike as proposed by the IIT Panel.

However, the government on Thursday made it known that there will be total fee waiver for SCs and STs, the differently-abled and those belonging to economically weaker sections. Students whose family income is less than Rs.1 lakh per annum will be able to avail 100% fee waiver.

It means the the future IIT students will be paying double the fee to offset the new exemption.
Surprisingly, with the new fee hike, IITs have come on par with the private engineering institutes in terms of collecting huge amounts of money from the prospective students in a typical donation-money days in the past.

Perhaps, the government should remove "Indian" from the nomenclature IIT and allow them to sell seats for more money too.

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