Smartphone Display on Your Skin? Yes Possible with this ‘Cicret Bracelet’

Soon your own body skin is sufficient to act as a display device for your smartphone. Scientists have developed a wearable device that projects the image of a Android tablet on your skin.

braceletTo be worn on hand wrist, the device known as the Cicret Bracelet, will project your Android homepage right on your forearm and your arm will play the touchscreen for your applications.

It can be used to swipe, touch-sensitive and visible in colour display, besides allowing you to make or receive phone calls and read and send emails, the Entrepreneur reported.

The promo video explains that the device uses an embedded system that includes a microprocessor, a memory card, a micro USB port, a small battery, a Bluetooth chip, a wi-fi chip as well as a LED light.

The memory card comes in either 16 GB or 32 GB format available in 10 different colours and a beta version of the free app is also available on Google Play.

The Cicret development team is currently raising $1 million to get the project off the ground.

The website, however, warned enthusiasts not to believe fake sales online. “We are still working on our prototype and didn’t launch any pre-order/order of the Cicret Bracelet. So don’t trust any website selling it yet,” it said.

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  1. This was a scam dude. I believe a indiegogo or kickstarter project. It didnt show any blueprint or anything. just a video popped up out of thin air.

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