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Sabarimala pilgrims witness ‘celestial light’ Wednesday, Visit Ayyappa Temple

Lakhs of pilgrims in Sabarimala on Wednesday witnessed the “celestial light” and went delirious with joy amid chantings of “Swamiye Ayyappa, Saranam Ayyappa”, which reverberated all round the temple town in Kerala.

The major event of the pilgrimage is witnessing the “Celestial Light” and lakhs of pilgrims waited for hours to witness the celestial event on this auspicious day. The light appears thrice on the horizon and is popularly called “Makare Villeku”.

-SabarimalaAccording to believers, sighting of the “celestial light” is auspicious and over the last few years, there has been a huge influx of pilgrims to witness it. Anxious pilgrims were waiting for this phenomenon at various points in the temple town that extends from the foothills and upwards to the temple located on top of a hill.

Besides these areas, every inch of space in and around the neighbouring hills was also filled with people and pilgrims to watch the celestial event.

Four years ago more than 102 people were killed in a stampede during the pilgrimage and the Kerala government has made elaborate arrangements to help devotees visit the temple in order and return safely. More than 10,000 policemen were deployed for the pilgrimage.

“We have been working to ensure maximum safety for the lakhs of pilgrims. Every aspect of security was taken care of and vantage positions were under the control of senior police officials,” said Temples Minister V.S. Sivakumar.

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