Republic Day Parade 2017 Karnataka Tableux Presents Gorava Dace, TN its Karakattam

As Andhra Pradesh and Talangana tableux will be missing in the Republic Day Parade 2017, the southern culture will be represented only by Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

Famous for its traditional arts and folk dances, the state of Karnataka will present traditional folk dances of the state in this year’s Republic Day Parade tableau, showcasing the Goravas, the worshippers of Lord Shiva engaged in the traditional ritualistic dance.

They are adorned with unique caps made of bear’s hair, who dance to the beats of drums and blowing flute. It is followed by the sword wielding warriors who are seen performing a dance while others carrying cymbals follow in circles. With those beating drums, a dancer attired in attractive mask forms the ensemble of Somas dancers to make the visual presentation complete.

tamil nadu

The tableau of Karnataka passes through the Rajpath during the full dress rehearsal for the Republic Day Parade-2017, in New Delhi on January 23, 2017.(PIB Photo)

From Tamil Nadu, ‘Karakattam’, a popular folk dance forms an important event in temple festival celebrations especially in Amman Temple festivals in the rural areas of Tamil Nadu. ‘Karakattam’ is one of the old folk dances, in which the dancers hold, balance and dance with a brass pot decorated in cone shape with colourful flowers and adorned with a parrot made of light wood on the top of it.

The Karagam dancers perform entertaining dance movements to the beat of drums balancing with the Karagam on their head.


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